David Cole, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Person-centred counselling – I have found this approach useful in helping people deal with depression and anxiety, and currently use it for my NHS work.  We concentrate on how you feel about yourself, your sense of self-worth, and the way you relate with other people.  I work to understand your experience from your point of view, and the relationship we have as client and counsellor is open and genuine, based on mutual regard and respect.  Together we work towards you having a greater acceptance of yourself and a better understanding of your feelings.
Mindfulness -  This approach is based on the premise that we spend too much of our time either ruminating about past events, or worrying about the future.  Using mindfulness therapy I can help you live in the present moment more – experiencing your life as it is actually happening – and we can practice techniques to distance yourself from unhelpful negative thoughts, loosening the grip they have on you and your life.
Psychodynamic counselling – This approach shares the same core principles as psychoanalysis, but is less intensive and more focused on immediate problems, attempting to find a quicker solution.  I trained for 5 years in this approach.  It seeks to make you aware of your unconscious processes and the way these affect the way you relate and react.  Many of our earliest experiences affect us in our present lives and relationships. By uncovering the links with our past feelings and thoughts we can often understand why we unconsciously feel and think as we do now.  We would look to understand your unconscious defences.  They may protect your feelings from current events which recall previous painful experiences, but if these defences do not work to your overall benefit we can work on how to move on from them.

Fees:  £45-60 per session

Approaches I draw on include....

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