I draw on experience of a range of approaches

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I am an accredited therapist with experience of a wide range of issues. I offer 50 minute sessions, regularly each week, in a safe, confidential setting.  These can be for a fixed number of weeks, or opened-ended.  We can work out what best suits you, and revisit as required as the therapy progresses.  Together we can tailor an approach which feels right.  I can draw on experience of a number of helpful approaches, including Person-centred counselling, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic counselling, and Attachment Theory.

I provide an opportunity for you to be heard and understood.  Through careful and non-judgemental listening I try to appreciate things from your perspective.  You speak about whatever is troubling you and we develop themes together.  You may want help thinking about things from a ‘here and now’ perspective, or you may want to explore unconscious emotional patterns which may be keeping you from living life more fully.

David Cole, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

I am a BACP accredited therapist with the experience to work flexibly according to your need, responding to a wide range of issues, both for individuals, and couples.     I can help you consider current problems, or go deeper to try to understand unconscious emotional patterns that may limit your enjoyment of life.